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Emotions Dealt With Stories

Welcome to Kristopher Rioux's composer Website, where stories and music collide. From epic soundscapes to delicate melodies, Kristopher has the talent and passion to deliver the perfect soundtrack for your project. Welcome!


As a composer and a sound designer, I offer a range of services to bring your creative vision to life. Whether you need an original soundtrack for your film or soundscapes for your video game  I have the expertise and experience to deliver a high-quality products tailored to your needs.

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Soundtracks For Films

Composing an original soundtrack for films. This includes: short films, full length films, series & videos. My style of composition is flexible, from grand orchestras to fully synthetic.

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Soundtrack For Video Games

Composing an original soundtrack for games. For games soundtrack I can provide loops and stems for a more interactive experience. There's no limits on the number of tracks.

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Sound Design 

Creating unique sound effects for all types of medias (films & video games). This includes foley, sound effects, soundscapes & ambiences.


Contact Me

Have a project? Have any question? Want a quote? Do not hesitate.

Popular Medias

Stream my released music on all popular platform. Some of them have unreleased and work in progress projects (SoundCloud & Youtube).



Stream my  official releases in HQ on Spotify.



Stream official and early releases as well as unreleased songs.

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Apple Music

Stream my  official releases in HQ on Apple Music.



Stream my  official releases in HQ on Tidal.



Stream official releases and various other projects.



See my album covers and all the other visual art I make.

Kristopher Rioux Composer SHOWREEL (2023)
Kristopher Rioux

Kristopher Rioux:
Film composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist.

From trombone player to drum player to composer, one thing never changes. It's all about creating a good story and transporting people to new worlds.

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