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Welcome to my Soundtrack page, where you can find my music portfolio. This page is a hub for all of my compositions. You'll find a variety of genres and moods here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the music! Also, be sure to check out the the bottom sections: Atmospheres, Samples & Videos!

Protocol: Neon Rise

An hybrid cinematic action piece that encapsulates what it would feel like to be in a secret special force unit on a stressful mission. Punchy percussions, dark atmospheres, gritty synths, it has it all.

#Action #Military #Dark #Gritty

Protocol Neon Rise Album Cover.png
Solara, Space Traveler Album Cover.png

Solara, Space Traveler

A scifi adventure song with ethereal soundscapes and epic melodies and orchestrations. Embark on this space exploration journey with Solara!

#Sc-Fi #Space #Melodic #Otherworldly

Long Sail Lies Ahead Album Cover.png

Long Sail Lies Ahead

Welcome aboard sailor! A long sail lies ahead of us!

#Fantasy #Adventure #Uplifting #Happy

Nowhere To Run

A post-apocalyptic cinematic song portraying loneliness, featuring a processed grand piano, manipulated cellos and basses, a solo viola, and haunting choirs.

#Post- Apocalyptic #Dystopian #Lonely #Sad 

Nowhere To Run Album Cover.png

The Cabin In The Woods

A composition played by modular synths, a string ensemble, and morphed organic sounds, with an eerie and atmospheric theme.

#Thriller #Investigation #Mysterious #Odd

The Cabine In The Woods.png
2089 Album Cover.png


A military dystopian song depicting a future world ravaged by wars and heavy weaponry, combining synthesizers, organic instruments like strings and a solo cello, and a vocalist.

#Dystopian #Sci-Fi #Dark #Gritty

The Kingdom

Fantastical orchestral composition taking you on a epic and uplifting journey with a swelling theme.

#Fantasy #Medieval #Epic #Happy

The Kingdom Album Cover.png
The Sorcerer's Magic.png
The Sorcerer's Magic.png

The Sorcerer's Magic

An evil melodic fantasy song with some mysterious wood winds, epic orchestrations and punchy percussions. An evil theme for an evil sorcerer.

#Fantasy #Vilain #Dark #Epic

Arctic Dreamscape

Arctic Dreamscape is a sci-fi inspired music piece that takes the listener on a journey through a frozen and mysterious planet.

#Sci-Fi #Ethereal #Cold #Otherworldly

Arctic Dreamscape Album Cover.png
Beyond Horizons Album Cover.png

Beyond Horizons

Beyond Horizons is the soundtrack of science fiction non-existent film. A very melodic orchestral hybrid 20 minutes Ep.

#Sci-Fi #Adventure #Melodic #Epic

Operation: Tundra

Operation: Tundra is a dark, mysterious, synthetic and orchestral action piece. Played by low strings, analog synths, guitars and a singer.

#Action #Horror #Dark #Gritty

Operation Tundra Album Cover.png
Exploring an Empty World Album Cover.png

Exploring An Empty World

Imagine you are calmly enjoying a lonely walk through a rather empty and calm world. This is Exploring An Empty World.

#Lonely #Dramatic #Hopless #Melancholic

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an EP containing the first music I ever published. It's a compilation of science-fiction and heroic orchestral music.

#Sci-Fi #Adventure #Epic #Melodic

Alien Worlds Album Cover.png


Ambient & Soundscapes

Step into a world of sonic landscapes and ambient soundscapes. In this section, you'll find a collection of immersive and captivating music that will transport you to another realm. From eerie and unsettling sounds to serene and calming melodies, these atmospheric compositions are designed to evoke a range of emotions and paint vivid pictures in your mind. Whether you're looking for background music to enhance your creative project or simply want to get lost in an otherworldly soundscape, this collection of atmospheric music is sure to take you on a journey you won't forget.


Unreleased & Unfinished Music

This is the "Samples" section of my music page, where you can find short cinematic musical ideas that didn't make it into my full songs. This section offers a behind-the-scenes look into my creative process, showcasing the unique sounds and melodies that inspired my compositions. I believe that every idea has potential, and this section is a testament to that philosophy. So take a listen and immerse yourself in the creative journey of my musical compositions. You might just discover a sound that speaks to you.

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Icy Monolith (Sound Design & Score)
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