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Kristopher Rioux

From a young age, I was exposed to music and movies. My parents introduced me to a variety of music genres and instruments, and took me to see science fiction films like Transformers and Iron Man. These experiences had a profound impact on me, and I found myself drawn to their soundtracks, visuals and stories.

As I grew older, I began to explore electronic music and video games, which further fueled my love for science fiction and storytelling. Games like Subnautica and No Man's Sky allowed me to explore alien worlds and immerse myself in their atmospheres.

In my teens, I discovered the power of film soundtracks, particularly those from the Transformers saga, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other movies. I was amazed at how melodies and chords could evoke such strong emotions and enhance the storytelling experience.

Eventually, my passion for music and storytelling led me to pursue a career in music composition and filmmaking. I attended Recording Arts Canada to hone my technical skills, and went on to release my first EP, Beyond Horizons, in December 2022.

Overall, my love for cinema, filmmaking, science fiction, stories, and music all stem from a desire to tell compelling stories and evoke powerful emotions in my audience.

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Recording Arts Canada is music production focused private school in Canada. During its one year program you get 900 hours of specialized training. Training that includes but is not limited to: music theory, composition, sound design, scoring, advanced mixing, mastering, fooley, sound effects, sampling, instrument creation, even video editing and colour grading. At the of the program you get an A.E.C (equivalent to an associate's degree).

My Story

Meet Kristopher Rioux, a composer whose life has always revolved around two spheres: music and movies. From a young age, his parents encouraged his musical talents by putting various instruments in his hands and exposing him to different genres of music, from rock to electronic to pop. At the same time, his mother's love for science fiction movies rubbed off on him, leading to a lifelong fascination with films.

During his primary school years, Kristopher  joined the school band, where he played trombone and drums. A pivotal moment in his life was when the band teacher asked him to conduct the group. The experience was electrifying, as he felt like the entire band was his instrument. From that moment on, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in music.

In his teens, Kris gravitated towards electronic music, inspired by artists like Deadmau5. He started producing his own music, experimenting with different sub-genres of electronic music such as house, progressive house, and tropical house. At the same time, he developed a love for video games, especially action and military games. However, his gaming experience took a different turn when he discovered two games that allowed him to explore alien worlds: Subnautica and No Man's Sky. The soundtracks and atmospheres of these games had a profound impact on him.

Later on, Kristopher started listening to movie soundtracks, particularly those of the Transformers franchise composed by Steve Jablonsky. He was amazed by how melodies and chords could evoke so much emotion without even seeing the film. This experience led him to switch from electronic music to orchestral composition, with the goal of making people feel emotions through his music. Along the way, he discovered a passion for filmmaking and 3D art, thanks to stumbling upon Corridor Digital on YouTube.

After finishing high school, Kris decided to sharpen his technical skills and enrolled in music school at Recording Arts Canada. During his time there, he learned about all facets of the industry, from mixing and mastering to scoring music for films. He emerged from the program with sharpened skills, ready to take on the world.

In December of 2022, Kristopher Rioux released his first official science fiction EP, titled Beyond Horizons. The EP showcases his love for both music and science fiction, with themes that transport the listener to other worlds. He also released two singles, Operation: Tundra and Exploring An Empty World, which demonstrate his range as a composer. With a lifetime of musical and cinematic influences behind him, and a deep technical knowledge of his craft, Kristopher is on a mission to inspire and entertain through their music, stories and film projects.

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